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Please note face masks are required to visit the Monadnock Center. We thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe and healthy! Archives Research is now by appointment only. Please contact us at to schedule an appointment. Little boys and big boys, too have been playing with toy soldiers for centuries. The earliest known toy soldiers date back to ancient China and Egypt.

Toy Soldiers

Circa late 19th Century. Condition: good with paint loss and damage to some weapons, horse tails and legs. Condition: good to very good with paint loss, one head detached and damage to some horse’s legs. Early 30mm tin flats depicting French Cavalry.

Previously, most toy soldiers had been two-dimensional solid lead dating from the Thirties, in top condition, with soldiers of all ranks.

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This guide is designed to help anyone with an interest in toy soldier collecting so they can discover:. Found in Egyptian tombs dating back to BC, these diminutive soldiers were probably made for ritual purposes rather than as toys. Early figurines were made from wood, porcelain and silver. Initially, these were crafted for generals and monarchs to be used during war-strategy meetings.

In the 18th century, advances in production saw toy soldiers made from tin, lead and composite. Primarily, they were designed for affluent members of society as they could afford hand-made products with fine detailing.

German hollow figures pre-dating do exist, but it was W. Britain who really took Manufacturers of Metal Toy Soldiers and Model Farms.

Home W. Britains Toy Soldiers. Collecting W. Britains Toy Soldiers Part I. To the more serious collector Joe Wallis’ two books, Regiments of all Nations , and Armies of the World , are definitive texts, however, both are limited to black and white imagery. There is a recent third edition of Regiments of all Nations which is completely in color, and is included in the above list. Figure 1a – For the more interested, and specifically for serious collectors, James Opie’s new book, Britains Toy Soldiers – The History and Handbook – , is a definitive reference and well worth the investment.

Figure 7 – Britains Set No. Figure 8 – Britains Set No.

Dating lead toy soldiers

Toy soldiers have probably been around as long as the world has had armies. And they have been collected passionately for centuries. Only over the last decade, however, has an assemblage of toy soldiers become important enough to fill a museum and become subject matter for a book.

His company pioneered the use of hollow casting figures in lead, allowing him to The style and scale of Britain’s figures became the standard for toy soldiers. Many of the earliest figures are dated though the dated molds stayed in use after​.

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Release Date is August Old Toy Soldier is a “perfect binding” Quarterly magazine. In continuous publication since this fully indexed journal has logged over 1, articles on the full range of toy soldier topics and makers. Ray Haradin acquired Old Toy Soldier and recruited the renowned author and auction house expert Norman Joplin to be editor.

Since then they have expanded coverage through well researched and written articles, moved to a color format and increased subscriptions. For the past 42 years, the words “Old Toy Soldier” have become synonymous with Toy Soldier collecting, formerly Old Toy Soldier Newsletter, as some of our long time contributors still refer to it, the magazine has been an integral part of the Toy Soldier Hobby with its informative articles and regular features on all aspects of collecting Toy Soldiers and Figures.

Original plastic toy soldiers actually manufactured in ‘s ‘s. Maufactured by the Louis Marx Toy Company, Ideal, MPC, LIDO and AUBURN toy soldier.

The toy soldier has been mass-produced for the juvenile market for over years and collecting them has become a very accessible and affordable pastime for many thousands of people worldwide. Okay some individual toy soldiers are expensive but nonetheless you can still amass a sizeable collection for a reasonable outlay. One of the greatest pleasures I get as a collector of toy soldiers is seeing other peoples collections and exchanging information or ideas with them.

It’s a great way to learn more about the toy soldier world, broaden your interest and gain inspiration. The purpose of this site is to show something of the wide diversity of toy soldiers that have been manufactured worldwide in a variety of different materials, included are book reviews and images of the toy soldier as made by the following manufacturers:. Here are the links to my other pages:. It’s always great to hear from other toy soldier collectors so don’t just leave without saying goodbye, sign my guestbook to tell us where you’re from and what you collect.

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The box for one set is marked ; the second is marked Can you tell me what they would sell for? A: Toy soldiers have been around since there were soldiers to model. By the late 19th century, German manufacturers dominated the market with their solid lead figures but the market was soon to fall to the Britains Company.

Toy Soldier Market: KING & COUNTRY – THE CATALOG Honour Bound (​Retired) K & C Designs Canada world war II toy soldiers world war I toy soldiers crimean toy soldiers other currencies will be adjusted at the date of shipping.

Hocker, Proprietor. Note: The workshop is back in operation and we can now take orders for things not in stock. Although with Covid cases again rising it may prove be a brief interlude. Here follows a list of resources that may be of use to the collector making a foray into the field. This list concentrates specifically on those resources pertinent to the collector of old or new “54mm” cast metal “toy” figures as distinct from other resources that deal with “military miniatures”, “composition” and plastic figures or with larger scale “dimestore” cast metal figures.

Please email me. Also a small disclaimer: the people and companies involved in the toy soldier world are an overwhelmingly conscientious and trustworthy lot; inclusion in this list, however, does not imply any guarantee to that effect. Please research independently those with whom you are dealing before any serious money changes hands. Update note Maintaining an accurate resource page is a substantial effort, and I have not made that effort for at least 10 years.

Many of the links now lead to blank pages or, worse, to unrelated advertising, It is a testimony to the ephemeral nature of the digital world that has replaced the world of things. There is still no digital equivalent of the shoebox of artifacts toy soldiers come to mind to be discovered in an attic years hence by our descendants.

Accessory makers backdrops, vehicles, etc.

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Britains , earlier known by the founder’s name W. Britain , is a British toy company known for its diecast lead toy soldiers. The company, however, with its factory in London, also diversified into other associated toys such as diecast zamac military trucks, agriculture and commercial vehicles, and toy cars. The W. Britain brand name of toy and collectable soldiers is derived from a company founded by William Britain Jr. The company quickly became the industry leader, and was imitated by many other companies, such as Hanks Bros.

Release Date is August By Collectors For Collectors since Old Toy Soldier is a “perfect binding” Quarterly magazine. In continuous publication since​.

Napoleonic French soldier- 54 mm- handcast and handpainted – Battle of Waterloo. Hand cast and hand painted with superb attention to detail. Each figure is one of a kind. Great gift for collectors, wargamers, history enthusiasts and those who enjoy unique handmade gifts that can last a lifetime. Solid metal Size: 25 mm Made from lead free metal Metal soldiers were the predecessors of today’s plastic Army Men. These small toys became popular in the late ‘s and were primarily made in Germany and then later in France and England.

American toymakers started….

Dating Lead Toy Soldiers

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. Britains soldiers, W. Britain Premier series, by Charles Biggs, horse drawn G. Wagon and four man ASC team, set no. Britains soldiers , British soldiers, the Life Guards set no.

Meet Soldiers Online is part of the Online Connections dating network, which We also carry 54 mm metal and painted Toy Soldiers, 54 mm.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. View: Gallery view. List view. Vintage Small 28mm Painted Lead Soldiers x 26 inc. Results pagination – page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hot this week in Vintage Lead Soldiers. Lead soldier toy, King John II,rare ,collectable,gift idea,decor,handmade.

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Toy soldiers were the first type of toys to deserve their own series of specialist auctions, starting in Since then, many millions of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Equipments have changed hands at auction. British made toy soldiers started to be made by William Britains in They swiftly became the most popular soldiers for children to play with not only here in Britain but in the many other countries that they were exported to.

My toy soldier auctions are organized around the early, between the world wars and post war periods of Britains hollowcast toy soldier, farm, zoo and garden production. Also included are the subsequent series of Herald, Swoppet and Deetail plastic toy soldiers as well as the diecast toy soldiers and models for collectors still being produced today.

( to ) Figures date to , 30mm Baggage Wagons and Artillery 30mm lead artillery wagons pulled by 2-horse teams (2) and , AHI Toys Japan American Soldiers with Tank AHI Japan #C G.I. Miniature Soldiers.

Sold Out. William Britain was born in and founded the Britains company in the mid s when he moved from Birmingham to London. Initially just the family members hand produced ingenious mechanical clockwork toys such as a walking bears and penny-farthing riders; but these toys were too expensive to be mass-produced. The big breakthrough was in when William Britain the son of the original founder revolutionized the production of toy soldiers by devising the hollow casting production method, making figures that were cheaper and lighter than their German counterparts.

The process of hollow casting involves pouring molten metal into an engraved two-part mould and then pouring the excess out through a small hole to leave a hollow shell that takes on the detail of the mould. This process uses much less metal than a solid figure and therefore produces a lighter and less expensive product. In , figures with moveable arms were added to the Britains range.

Over the next sixty years, the company dominated the market, producing several thousand different sets of uniformed model armed forces from around the world.

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